ABC Legal Investigations has been working in the private investigation field for over 25 years, and we've worn out many a "gum shoe" investigating cases.

Our office specializes in trial preparation for criminal, civil, and all types of insurance cases. We also believe working for non-lawyers in general cases is an important and vital part of

our practice. We have extensive experience preparing investigations for use at trial and finding important information for clients that may be used for a variety of reasons, trial or other use.

An private investigator should only be concerned with seeking and pursuing the truth. Our job is to enhance the client's case by utilizing our investigative skills, to provide accurate information

that won't waste his or her valuable resources. Clients will find the investigations conducted through our office to be thorough and of the highest quality. Our firm's policy is to provide the most

comprehensive service possible, therefore saving clients thousands of dollars by providing valuable, up-to-date information.

Our staff has worked many general investigative cases over the years, which we find both challenging and professionally satisfying. As a practicing investigator, we love the mystery!

Paul Anderson, Sr., California PI #22224, is the lead private investigator at ABC Legal Investigations with both the legal and business experience to be very effective. His training has involved

countless educational investigative classes and cases in the field. He is proud to have spent time working under the guidance of two seasoned investigators; one who worked his last case at the

age of 93. The other is still a practicing investigator and a former District Attorney Investigator.

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