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The attorney support service /process serving industry as well as the field of private investigation, are vital areas within the legal profession. As the future trends change within

these fields, we strive to be at the forefront. Yet we also maintain the foundation of the principles that have made us a successful business.

Attorney Services / Process Service:

The bedrock of a successful attorney support business / process serving business is it's ability to be reliable, trustworthy and provide the utmost in customer service. The most

effective attorney support service is one that keeps its staff educated in the laws, updated on current trends, and offers a quality service at an affordable price. We also protect our

clients by being fully insured, registered and bonded.

Services Rendered: San Francisco / Bay Area / California and Beyond

1. Process Service Management: "Same day service by request"
  • Individually registered servers
  • Skilled Servers
  • Difficult Process Evader
  • Other factors
    • Special time arrangements
    • Stakeouts
    • Skiptracing / Investigator Locations
    • Writs of Execution/Attachment / Writ Preparation Package
2. Court / Government Public Records Research
  • Trained Court / Government Research
  • Same day request
3. Court Filings
  • Same day request
  • A Fax filing agency
  • San Francisco Bay Area / California & Beyond
4 . Registered Photocopy Services

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