Hiring a Private Investigator
1. Important: A California private investigator must be licensed check here:

2. Private investigators must carry all necessary insurance and business licenses and applicable permits.

3. Know your investigators expertise and judge the investigators ability to handle your case / situation.

4. Is your investigator a good listener? Can you work with this investigator throughout your case / situation?

5. When meeting with an investigator to discuss your case / situation be sure to have all necessary documents and information so you can present your case / situation

as clearly as possible. (ask your investigator what you need to bring for the meeting)

6. Know the information you will be receiving during the investigation. In what form will reports (interim and final) be presented to you? How often? How long overall?

7. Read and discuss any possible contract thoroughly you enter between you and the investigator. (Note: contact an attorney if necessary to review contract. Also not

all case / situations or investigations require a contract to perform services)

8. Come to a clear understanding of all fees and costs and what you will be paying for (Note: Investigative jobs do not always have set costs or estimates. It is not like

buying a loaf of bread. It's the nature of the business.

9. Set a time table for the investigation payments, interim and final report. Be flexible, timetables are not always applicable.

10. Allow the investigator to be an investigator. You are hiring an investigator to handle your case / situation, let them use their expertise.

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